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Little Pumpkin

by Ben Smith

Welcome to the Smith Family Homepage

Fall has come quickly and we're getting in the spirit. Check back for weekly updates.

What's new?

Halloween's Just Around the Corner

Ben Smith - 17 Oct 2015

Hello, and happy October! Isn't it absolutely amazing what wonderful weather we have had so far? Not even a sign of frost yet! This year we are going to be super heroes for Halloween, Bev as Bat Woman, Ethan as The Hulk, Eve as Wonder Woman, and Yours Truly as the evil villain The Joker. We've been looking for a costume for our dog, Pongo, but haven't found one that fits yet. Check out our gallery for some great pictures.

The Great Pumpkin Harvest

Beverly Smith - 9 Oct 2015

The pumpkins absolutely overtook our garden this year. After cutting them back five or six times we gave up and just let them go crazy, taking over almost every inch of our garden, choking out all the other plants. Here's the first harvest, and we still have almost a dozen on on the vine waiting to be picked.

The Reaping